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Salary survey entries

Compare your wage, based on title, experience, and location, with other BMETs within your country


Countries supported

We currently provide a salary survey resource for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom

Know your worth

Here at BMET Galaxy, we have an on-going, crowd-sourced, salary survey that they can utilize to compare wages across the country. This will allow veterans to know their worth and newcomers to set proper expectations.

We currently offer this service for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and for EBME technicians in the United Kingdom. Please contribute to the cause and submit your current wage, it can be done completely anonymously.

The survey will ask for city, state/province/country, your title, your hourly wage, your on-call rate (for carrying a pager after-hours), and your years experience. No personal details need to be shared!


Resources & Tools



  • CMMS Database Reviews
  • Salary Survey for US, Canada, Mexico, & UK
  • Medical equipment & hospital encyclopedia


  • Forums to share knowledge with fellow BMETs
  • Calendar of BMET events around the country
  • Youtube channels of BMET content creators


  • List of contact information for medical manufacturers
  • List of third party repair companies
  • EOL device list to prepare for future

Reference Guides

Medical Equipment Dictionary

Definitions of common terminology that you may encounter within the hospital, a useful tool to navigate a hospital


Hospital Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia of medical equipment within the hospital. For new and veteran BMETs to expand their knowledge


Repair companies

Do You Need A Repair Company?

Looking for a third-party repair company to source parts or service your equipment? Check out our growing list!

If you have a repair company of your own, please contact us to get added to the list.